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Ensuring you keep your office space hygienically clean is an excellent way to make a great first impression and prevent the spread of germs throughout your business premises. When your business space is squeaky clean, it creates an optimal environment for your team to work well. Furthermore, when your business is kept clean and germ-free, it reduces the likelihood of harmful germs and bacteria spreading from person to person, which can result in absenteeism.

So ultimately, a clean workspace is not only ideal for the good health of your team, but for promoting business success too. At Unilever Professional, our focus is to enable you to think business, while we think clean. So, to help you achieve that, we've created some tips on how to choose the best professional cleaning supplies and the best products to use to keep your business spick and span. Let's explore.


When it comes to choosing the right professional cleaning products for your business, the quality of your products is something you cannot afford to compromise on. Your customers expect the highest standards when it comes to cleanliness, whether it's in the business environment, the utensils they use, or the surfaces they come into contact with. So when you're trying to select the best commercial cleaning products for your business, here are a few factors to consider:

The right cleaning products for your business
  1. Quantity - For commercial purposes, buying in bulk sizes is always best as it allows you to get the cleaning products in a quantity that caters for your business needs. Buying in bulk quantities is also the most cost-effective way of getting the cleaning products you need. So always choose to buy in bulk when you can.
  2. Quality - When it comes to keeping your business hygienically clean, only the highest-quality cleaning products will do. So get your wholesale professional cleaning products from a supplier you can trust like Unilever Professional.

The right cleaning products for your business depend on the type of business you're in. So let's explore the best professional cleaning products for specific business types.

Business Catering


When it comes to anything related to food, having excellent hygiene is a must. From the dishes and cooking utensils used, to the surfaces the food is prepared on, all these areas need to be spotless and germ-free to protect your team and customers from dirt and bacteria.

For a catering business, you will certainly need a quality, bulk, dishwashing liquid like Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid 5 L. This powerful dishwashing liquid can be used not only to remove grease from dirty dishes but it cleans plastic and stainless steel surfaces too, leaving them bright and residue-free.

Business Cleaning


For cleaning businesses, having the best quality products so that you can provide your customers with a superior cleaning service is essential. Fortunately, when it comes to office cleaning product suppliers and general commercial cleaning product suppliers, you can trust Unilever Professional for a wide range of effective, quality cleaning products. For all the professional cleaning supplies you need, from disinfectants to bleaches, to washing powders and products for workspace cleaning, Unilever Professional has it all.

Our wide range of cleaning products are available in bulk-sizes so that you always have the products your business needs to provide a superior-quality clean. So explore our range of commercial cleaning products.

Business Laundry


For professional laundry businesses, keeping clothes and fabrics stain-free, bright and meticulously clean is a core part of your business. So having high-quality laundry products is an absolute must. No matter your business, you may need professional cleaning detergents in bulk to be able to wash staff uniforms, linen, bedding or other materials you use in your business.

We recommend Skip Auto Washing Powder 9 kg as a quality and cost-effective solution for all your commercial laundry needs. If you're looking for an effective fabric softener to leave your laundry items soft, fresh and delicately fragranced, we recommend Comfort Concentrated Fabric Softener 3 L.

Trust Unilever Professional to offer you the best quality and quantity of commercial cleaning solutions in professional sizes today. From hygiene and surface cleaning, to laundry and hand sanitising products, we offer it all.


How do I choose office cleaning products?
Your choice of office cleaning products will depend on your cleaning needs. For the best quality cleaning products though, always go for products from our extensive Unilever Professional range.

What should you remember when selecting and preparing cleaning agents and chemicals?
When selecting and preparing cleaning agents, it's important to remember how and when to dilute the chemicals you are using. So pay close attention to the product instructions on the packaging and follow them accordingly.

Why is it important to use the right kind of professional cleaning product?
For the best results when cleaning, it is important that you use the right cleaning product so that you can effectively clean a particular stain or area.

Why is it important to properly use and store cleaning agents?
Proper use and storage of cleaning products is necessary to minimise the risk of injury or harm to users that can occur when cleaning products are used or stored incorrectly.

Why is it important to read and follow the cleaning product manufacturer's instructions?
Reading and following the cleaning product manufacturer's instructions is necessary to avoid using the product incorrectly and to minimise the possibility of users becoming injured or hurt as a result of improper product use.