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Handy Andy Kitchen Degreaser
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Handy Andy Multipurpose Cream
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Handy Andy Window & Glass Cleaner
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In charge of a commercial cleaning business? Or are you the manager of a cleaning team responsible for keeping the business premises clean? When it comes to managing a cleaning team for any kind of business in South Africa, we know that you want to arm your team with the best surface cleaning products you can. Whether it's kitchen degreasers for a busy restaurant kitchen, or multi-surface cleaners for bathrooms and bedrooms in a hotel, at Unilever Professional we understand the need to have great surface cleaning products to enable your cleaning team to be as effective and swift as possible.

That's why we offer a range of commercial surface cleaning products from leading South African brands, providing superior cleaning no matter what business you're in. Hygiene is paramount whether you're in hospitality or in a hospital, so trust the Unilever Professional range of surface cleaning bulk-size products to give you the best, and safest, results every time.

Surface Cleaning


What are commercial surface cleaning products?

Commercial cleaning products are those products that are available in bulk sizes made specifically for use in businesses. Buying commercial surface cleaning solutions is a good choice for any business as it makes the most financial sense.
At Unilever Professional, we offer a select range of surface cleaning products that are ideal for business use, no matter what kind of business you’re in. Take a look at our product range now:

For the kitchen, we offer a few great commercial products that can help your cleaning team cut through oil and grime almost instantly:

Kitchen Degreasers
Handy Andy Kitchen Degreaser is fast-acting and highly effective on daily kitchen dirt, degreasing quickly and easily, leaving surfaces sparkling clean."

Multi-Purpose Cleaners
Handy Andy Multi-Purpose Cream is a great product for use in bathrooms, bedrooms, lounges and many other high-traffic zones in your business.

Windows and Glass
Keep your business windows and shop front glass looking shiny and bright with Handy Andy Window & Glass Cleaner.

All our commercial surface cleaning products are available in 5 L bulk size packaging now.


Is it cheaper to use commercial surface cleaning products?

The short answer is, absolutely! When you buy products that have specifically been packaged for commercial use, you are guaranteed to save money. Buying in bulk is not only cost-saving but time-saving too.

Trust Unilever Professional to offer you the best quality and quantity in professional sizes today. From hygiene and surface cleaning to laundry and hand sanitising products, we offer it all.

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