The Unilever Professional Purpose


Discover our professional wholesale hand sanitisers for your business. Explore bulk cleaning supplies from trusted brands of Unilever Professional.

Good hygiene is the key to keeping healthy. To keep diseases at bay, it is advisable to maintain cleanliness. In the wake of the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic, the demand for high-quality cleaning products has never been higher.

With so many brands to choose from, how do you know which one to pick? If you are looking for trustworthy cleaning products, you don’t need to go far. Unilever Professional brands are reputable and offer bulk hand sanitiser for your business.

Why Should You Sanitize?


In the one year that the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic has been around, the virus has already impacted the lives of all South Africans. This worrying statistic demonstrates the increased need to maintain good hygiene by sanitizing our hands and high-touch surfaces frequently.

With the increased demand for sanitisers, it has become advisable to buy hand sanitzer wholesale.

The Convenience Of Hand Sanitizer


One advantage of a hand sanitiser is its portability. Hand sanitisers are available in small bottles that can easily fit inside your purse, backpack or pocket. Additionally, they dry on their own, eliminating the need for a hand towel.

Can You Buy Hand Sanitizer In Bulk?


Hand sanitisers are useful when you are on the go and soap and water are not readily available. While the pocket-sized sanitisers are convenient for personal use, they are also available in larger sizes and bulk.

A commercial hand sanitiser is ideal for premises such as offices and supermarkets. They can also be used in hospitals and chemists. To this end, Lifebuoy Hand Sanitiser Liquid is packaged in 5 L bottles. It’s made with 70% alcohol making it very effective in killing germs; it contains no fragrance and does not leave any sticky residue on the skin. It is also gentle on your hands, acting as a moisturiser.

Who Supplies Hand Sanitizer In Bulk?


Making the right choice in bulk hand sanitiser suppliers can be overwhelming due to the many options available. However, as a general rule, always go for products with a solid and proven reputation. With over 120 years of experience in the cleaning industry, Lifebuoy hand sanitisers can be trusted to be of superb quality.

Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, it can be convenient to buy hand sanitiser wholesale. It may even be cheaper making it more cost-effective for your wallet.

A commercial hand sanitiser is a viable option for you if you handle a lot of foot traffic at your premises. While it removes the hassle of handling individual bottles, it is just as effective in providing germ protection. Therefore, your customers and employees can rest assured that they are safe.

All-around Protection


Unilever Professional has a range of cleaning products, all of the most exceptional quality. Our range of products will keep your bathrooms, kitchens and high-touch surfaces clean. They include Sunlight Soap, for laundry and cleaning dishes; and Domestos Multipurpose Thick Bleach, for cleaning toilet bowls. There’s also Handy Andy Multipurpose Cream cleaner, which can be used to clean and sanitise bathrooms and kitchen countertops. The range of products works to keep you, your staff and your space clean and disinfected.

Stay Safe


In these uncertain times of the pandemic, don’t let your guard down regarding your hygiene. Ensuring that the hand sanitiser you choose is the right choice for yourself or your business is not always easy. That is why choosing a brand with a proven track record of effectiveness is important. Stay safe with cleaning products that inspire cleanliness and put your mind at ease. By choosing Unilever Professional wholesale cleaning products and you’re sure that you will never be disappointed.