Handy Andy Multipurpose Degreaser - 5 L

Handy Andy Multipurpose Degreaser 5 L

Stubborn kitchen grease? No problem. Safely and quickly dissolve stubborn grease and daily kitchen dirt with the new food safe* Handy Andy Professional Multipurpose Degreaser. Easy to rinse and suitable for use on multiple surfaces, this perfect multipurpose cleaner leaves your food preparation surfaces sparkling clean.
  • Quickly dissolves grease, dirt and oil splashes
  • Naturally-derived degreasing agent
  • Streak-free shine
  • Food safe*

*Food Safe indicates that the product is safe to use on food preparation areas if usage instructions on back of pack are followed. This is supported by the certification provided by Intertek, an external company that performed the analysis on: Toxicological Safety for Use in Direct Food Contact Applications (SANS 1828).
1 x 5 L

From high-traffic hospitality businesses to the centre of a bustling commercial kitchen, dealing with greasy and grimy surfaces is an inevitable part of the industry. That's why you need a reliable cleaner that can tackle even the toughest grease on a wide variety of surfaces. With the Handy Andy Professional Multipurpose Degreaser, bidding farewell to stubborn residue becomes a breeze, leaving your kitchen surfaces sparkling clean with a streak-free gleam.



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