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When you run a laundry or laundromat, your main focus is to offer your customers the best when it comes to cleaning their clothing, linen, and fabrics and making them feel softer and more fragranced. As a professional, choosing the right products is your first step in delivering this kind of service excellence, which will ensure that your customers will keep coming back to you, time after time.

If we had to give you an analogy for how important your chosen products are to your business, we would say that if you were a baker then laundry detergents and washing powders would be your cake and icing, and fabric conditioners would be the decorations. They don't take up as much time in the process but they are essential for making the final product look, smell, and feel beautiful.

Top-quality bulk laundry products

At Unilever Professional, we pride ourselves in offering top-quality bulk products for every cleaning need. In this article, we're going to give you reasons why you should use fabric softener including the benefits you can expect to see. We will also give you a short guide on how much fabric softener to use based on the machine type you have.


The answer is really simple - if you want to add fragrance and luxury to your laundry and linen, use a good quality fabric conditioner in your laundromat like Comfort Concentrated Fabric Conditioner.

A fabric conditioner like Comfort will enhance your customer's experience as they walk away from your laundromat with clothing and linen that feel and smell fresher. Comforts rich blend of ingredients ensures that the clothing that comes out of your business and back into their hands is smooth and soft. Let's learn more about the benefits of using fabric softeners:

A fabric conditioner like Comfort will enhance your customer's experience


There have been numerous studies done about how to use fabric conditioner and the benefits that go along with it. When you choose to include Comfort Concentrated Fabric Conditioner in your professional laundromat service, you'll be enabling your service to offer these benefits to your customers:

  • Softer And Smoother - clothing and linen will be softer as Comfort prevents roughness of fabrics and linen.
  • Colour Care - Comfort helps to protect the integrity of the colour of the clothing or linen being washed.
  • Anti-wrinkling - it offers anti-wrinkling properties which makes ironing the fabric much easier.
  • Anti-static - Comfort has anti-static properties which prevent static build-up on clothing.
  • Less Drying Time - when you incorporate a fabric conditioner you lessen the amount of time it takes for the clothing and linen to naturally dry.

The final, and most important, reason why fabric conditioner should be such a vital step in your cleaning and washing process within your laundromat, is the long-lasting fragrance that it will leave on the garments you wash. Your customers will leave your laundromat with bursts of endless fragrances on their clothing and fabrics for days to come.


Wondering how to use fabric conditioners in washing machines? It depends on the type of washing machine you are using in your laundromat, but the difference only comes with the dosage.

  • If you have standard-sized front loaders in your laundromat, you only need to add one capful of fabric conditioner into the correct drawer with every load.
  • For standard-sized top loaders and twin tubs, you will need to add one capful of fabric conditioner into the main drum during the final rinse cycle.
  • If you run your business with industrial-sized machines, you would ideally need to double or triple the dosage depending on the load size as well as how soiled the load is.

Considering using fabric softeners in your laundromat? Why not buy your products in bulk then and save? At Unilever Professional, we stock bulk sizes of all the best quality products available at retailers. You'll be able to save money and time for your business when buying in bulk.

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