The Unilever Professional Purpose


The quality of cleanliness your company maintains can make or break your business. From the food industry to hospitality, your customers and clients expect impeccably clean surfaces and spaces whenever they conduct business with you.

In addition to client expectations of a spotlessly clean business space, maintaining a clean professional space is essential for the health and well-being of your staff too. So, keeping your business environment clean becomes essential for the success of your business too. Part of ensuring your business remains hygienically clean is using high quality cleaning detergents. Businesses across a wide range of industries trust Unilever Professional for all their cleaning product supply needs because they know they can trust our detergents to deliver a quality clean, every time. Here are 4 reasons why businesses trust Unilever Professional for all their detergent needs, and why you should too!

Our            surface cleaners, disinfectants and dishwashing detergents ensure a quality clean each time.


Unilever Professional is a cleaning product supplier that so many businesses trust because of the exceptional cleaning power our detergents deliver every time. Our surface cleaners, disinfectants and dishwashing detergents ensure a quality clean each time. While products like our washing powders ensure your whites remain white and your colours remain brilliantly bright, no matter the stain or type of fabric being washed. So trust Unilever Professional for hospitality cleaning supplies that deliver an impeccable clean.

Competative Prices


At Unilever Professional, we offer a wide range of wholesale professional cleaning products in bulk sizes and at affordable prices, to give you the most value and product for your money. Buying your detergents from a trusted cleaning product supplier like Unilever Professional is a great way to save your business money as it's more cost-effective than having to repeatedly buy smaller quantities from a regular retailer.

Bulk Size Cleaning Products


For any business that requires large quantities of cleaning supplies, having bulk detergents available is essential. Bulk detergent offerings, like our 9 kg washing powders at Unilever Professional, enable businesses to get the detergent quantities they need at cost-effective prices, while also enabling you to effectively clean large spaces, large quantities of clothing or dishes.

Unilever Professional - A brand you Can Trust


At Unilever Professional, we stock only the finest quality detergents from industry leading brands, to ensure you get an exceptional clean with every wash. Which is why so many businesses choose Unilever Professional as their trusted commercial detergent supplier. With our selection of quality detergents, you are sure to find what you need for your commercial cleaning needs, regardless of scale, quantity or type of dirt.

Whether you own a laundry business, a catering company or a Bed and Breakfast, if you need quality, effective detergents for your business, trust Unilever Professional to deliver. With our wide range of exceptional cleaning products from brands you know and trust, ensuring your commercial cleaning supply needs are met is made simple. Let Unilever Professional be your go-to for an exceptional quality clean, every time.


What is the most affordable agent that is best for cleaning?
At Unilever Professional, we offer a variety of multipurpose commercial cleaning products at affordable prices, that will deliver an effective clean, no matter your professional cleaning need.

What products do I need for cleaning a business?
For a cleaning business, you will need a variety of quality professional cleaning products to enable you to effectively clean your client's spaces. Shop at Unilever Professional today to find the cleaning products you'll need for an effective cleaning business.

What do professionals use to clean bathrooms?
To effectively clean bathrooms, professionals use quality, multipurpose cleaning products that are designed to disinfect and kill germs, like our Domestos Multipurpose Bleach.

What do professionals use to clean a shower?
To effectively clean a shower, professionals use quality, multipurpose cleaning products that are designed to effectively clean shower surfaces and kill germs, like our Handy Andy Multipurpose Cream.

Where to buy professional cleaning products?
Shop at Unilever Professional and explore our range of high-quality wholesale professional cleaning products that will deliver an exceptional clean.