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When it comes to business, finding ways to operate more efficiently can significantly contribute to your organisation's bottom line. Which is why finding cost-effective ways of keeping your business environment clean can go a long way not only for keeping your business hygienically clean but in improving your profit margins too. By maintaining a clean business environment, you also help to maintain a healthy and safe environment for your staff, further contributing to your organisation's bottom line.

With keeping your business clean in a cost-effective way being such an essential part of overall business success, we're exploring 5 tips you can apply to cut down the cleaning costs in your business today.

Use Multipurpose Cleaning Products


There are a number of effective cleaning products that are designed to be multipurpose. Multipurpose cleaning products like the Domestos Multipurpose Thick Bleach, can be used on a variety of surfaces and applications to deliver an exceptional clean, ensuring hygienically clean surfaces and spaces around your business. Making use of multipurpose products helps you to reduce your cleaning expenses, without compromising on a high-quality clean, by reducing the need to buy several different cleaning products.

Train Employees To Clean As They Go


Keeping your business spaces hygienically clean requires your whole organisation to participate. This means incorporating your team into cost-saving initiatives by enforcing a company culture where everyone cleans up after themselves, to cut down the time and effort needed to keep your office clean. Helping you to save valuable time and money while ensuring your office remains spick and span.

Invest In Quality Cleaning Products


High-quality cleaning products for businesses are invaluable when it comes to not only keeping your office hygienically clean but cutting down on cleaning costs too. While they may cost more upfront, using quality cleaning products, like those available from Unilever Professional, will save you money in the long run thanks to their impeccable cleaning power. Instead of having to continuously buy new cleaning products to ensure an effective clean, shop our wide selection of cleaning products at Unilever Professional for products that will deliver an exceptional clean the first time.

Buy Your Cleaning Products In Bulk


Buying your business cleaning supplies in bulk is a great way to cut cleaning costs. Buying cleaning products like our 5 L Handy Andy Multipurpose with Bleach in bulk is more cost-effective than buying several smaller-sized cleaners, as bulk-buying enables you to get more product for your buck. For all your bulk business cleaning supply needs, shop at Unilever Professional, a tried and trusted cleaning products supplier, for any type of commercial cleaning need.

Maintain Your Cleaning Equipment


Keeping your cleaning equipment in good working order will help to ensure it lasts longer and performs better. This will help to reduce the amount of money you have to spend on replacing the equipment. Furthermore, ensuring your equipment works well will ensure your cleaning team can get the job done as efficiently as possible.

Cutting your business cleaning costs is a great way to ensure your company is running in a cost-effective manner, which will enable you to save money. So visit Unilever Professional today for affordable business cleaning supplies that will deliver an exceptional clean, every time.


What is cost-effective cleaning?
Cost-effective cleaning is when you are able to effectively clean your spaces in a way that enables you to save money.

How do you save on cleaning products?
You can save on cleaning products by buying your products in bulk from a trusted commercial cleaning products supplier like Unilever Professional.

What are the 3 commonly used cleaning products?
Three of the most commonly used cleaning products are detergents, disinfectants and degreasers.

What is needed to clean business spaces?
To clean your business spaces effectively, you need high-quality, bulk cleaning products like those available at Unilever Professional.

What is the fastest way to clean a hospitality building?
The fastest way to clean a hospitality building is by using effective cleaning products that will reduce the need to clean the same area more than once, and by making use of multipurpose cleaning products so that you can target multiple areas in one go.